I was fortunate enough to be a student of the University of Washington in this ever-increasing technological age.  Laser cutters had just been produced for consumer use, and the University of Washington purchased several machines. A course was developed with all of these new tools in mind.  Digital Fabrication was a course that not only taught students how to use these machines, but how to design with the limits of these machines.

The first design prompt was to design a vessel for an object.  This meant that we had to use a 3-D scanner to scan the object, then to design a vessel that would hold this object.  I chose to scan a wine bottle and to make a vessel to hold the bottle.  I didn’t want the object to only serve as a vessel for this object, but something that had a purpose.  A decanter could hold the wine bottle and also allow the wine to breathe.

I begin almost every design process by sketching.  I think that it is the quickest way to get my thoughts on paper and is not limited unlike digital models.  After coming up with the basic idea, several preliminary models were made to test the design.  The only part of the decanter that mattered was the oval shaped opening that would allow the wine bottle to go through and to be suspended at a 60° angle .


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