Before the design process began for the Patchwork Playhouse and Living Fence during the Design/Build Studio, a prompt was given for all students to design anything with two 2”x2”x8’ and a half sheet of plywood over a weekend.  The design prompt was used to allow students to understand the process of designing and constructing an object.

At the time, I had very little furniture and wanted to build something that was comfortable to sit in.  The idea of a lounge chair also seemed a little too boring, so I though that creating my own laminated wooden rocking chair/lounge would be something that could be done in a weekend.

I began with sketching the dimensions of the lounge with respect to the dimensions of my body.  The next step was to consider the construction of the chair. The connections were very crucial due to the thin frame, the each connection would be bearing a considerable amount of weight.  The canvas would rip if the weight of the user was not evenly distributed along the legs of the chair.

The legs were constructed of clear cedar.  It would be easier to rip 1/8” strips and to laminated them to create the curve.  The first step was to create a jig that would produce two identical legs.  After laminating the legs, plywood strips were used to connect and stabilize the two legs.  The canvas was stretched over a thin strip of plywood, and covered by another strip of plywood and bolted into place every five inches.

The result was my first attempt at a rocking lounge chair.  It was a great learning experience and a great start for the Design/Build Studio.


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